Design Systems Structure

Design System Structure

We can’t separate the process of creating a design system on Design and Development Teams who will create and use it. Design System Structure is divided into three parts:

The Process of Building the Design System

First, we have to make sure we will not reinvent the wheel. We have to look inside the organization documents like a visual guideline and content strategy, annual report, HR documents to figure out what information is relevant and understand what we have to use and what not.

Example of the Design System

Google Material Design
IBM Design

Wrapping up and Advice

01- Should look at the quality of communication between different teams — who will involve in the creation and use of the design system.
02- Don’t start from scratch. We should look inside for any existing patterns.
03- Ensuring design system is achievable with your current development process.
04- Socializing the design system is essential to get adopted.
05- Get people onboard early for contribution for each stage of the process.
06- Merge agile methodology within the design system
07- Building process to ensure what you build is aligned with the business goals.
08- Identify tools and process and include within the design system’s documentation.
09- Keep it in mind that the Design system will take its own time.


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User Experience Lead | Data-Driven Design

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Daniel AlShriky

Daniel AlShriky

User Experience Lead | Data-Driven Design