• Mariam Al-ani

    Mariam Al-ani

  • Gonçalo Melo

    Gonçalo Melo

    Nobody really reads. I’m a passionated about culture and knowledge.

  • Parithimal Saravanan

    Parithimal Saravanan

    I work through the full UX lifecycle from research to design, testing, utilising all elements of a design process to create innovative cross-platform experience

  • Mariamor


  • Paulo Dziobczenski

    Paulo Dziobczenski

    Design Researcher. Visual Designer. Designer in Residence at Aalto University 🇫🇮 Founder of designcareer.co

  • Mickey Maynard

    Mickey Maynard

  • Stephanie O. Chan

    Stephanie O. Chan

    UX Designer. Visit me at www.checkeredpotato.com

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