Managing Creative Team

Leadership starts from within, and it spreads to people all around through individual contributions.

  • Accept wild ideas that are very easy to bring to the table. Most ideas already exist; creativity sometimes comes from crazy ideas.
  • Creative ideas are built on old ideas. Place a layer over another layer with enhancement, and help build a creative history rather than forgetting the past, shaping it to be unique and modern.
  • Focus on the main target to solve the problem; this could generate a lot of ideas. Discipline yourself to stay on the right track.
  • Manage and keep all conversations under control. The organization creates a dialog, and it is very important that as leaders, it should be kept under control. This will help you reach your target to find the right idea for the perfect solution.
  • Register the ideas of what the creative team did. A visual and not high humidity sketch should be drawn fast. It should be understandable and easy to use; this will save the idea.

User Experience Lead | Data-Driven Design