Techniques to Improve Users’ Memory and Remember Anything

Here are a few examples of memory’s techniques

01- Repetition

This technique is very well known. When we were in school, teachers always ask students to repeat words or principles to help them remember things.

02- Establish Basic Background

Basic knowledge and first impression for any products or services have an big impact to increase the ability of users to remember that will lead to concentrate more about introduction and amend the impression for any products, and services.

03- Exaggeration

Exaggeration is unusual signs applied to the product by amplifying the attention of users, allowing them to easily remember. We need to figure out ways to apply exaggeration when we’re trying to make our users remember things. For instance, make things big or really small. Exaggeration technique uses very well in ads. Advertising agency uses exaggeration through increase the pleasure or avoids the pain in advertising campaigns.

04- Association and Meaningful

Association is a very powerful memory’s technique. It’s one of the important ways to remember things. We need to start making things meaningful. And that happens through using association technique.

05- Chunking and Selectivity

06- Visualization

Visualization has a big impact on our memory. Brain unconsciously interpreted all the words and feeling received to images and based on those images decisions and ideas are adopted.

The Take Away

It is very important to practice and implement the memory techniques. Memory, like muscles needs training to be better and better.



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Daniel AlShriky

Daniel AlShriky

User Experience Lead | Data-Driven Design