Facts for Customer Journey Map

Facts for Customer Journey Map

Customer journey maps are visualization the process that a realistic view of the journey your customers have with your brand, service, or product, and they can be digital, analog, physical, social and so on. In each interaction or touch point, there is an exchange of value or creation of value. Journey maps are actually not proper maps, but diagrams.

Barbara Fredrickson and Daniel Kahneman did some interesting research on the experience on pain in a hospital setting. There’s a great Ted talk by Kahneman on which I suggest you watch. There is a link in the class description below. Their findings is summarises as the peak and rule, and in short, it basically means that when a person coats his or her experience, the peak emotional experiences and the end experience dictates the memory off the overall experience.

Don’t be a navigator without a compass.

Famous quote by Harvard professor Theodore Levitt. People don’t want to buy 1/4 inch drills. They want quarter inch holes. In fact, people don’t want the holes either. They what they really want. It might be a cozy living room with a photo of their Children on the wall. So how do we find these values? Yes, you probably guessed it user research.

Here are a few tools and references that can be helpful during user journey mapping:

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